Havana, CUBA: As a member of deligation from India Mamta Sagar visited Cuba and participated in the 5th International Conference on culture and Diversity, 2007.

Mamta Sagar's Poems in Vietnamese translated by poet Bao Chan AND here are a few photos from Vietnam. From International Literature Festival, Hanoi, Vietnam, January 2010.  

Center for Slovenian Literature invited me for the Poetry Translation Workshop 2010, 29th May – 6th June 2010 Dane, Ljubljana organised in cooperation with the 
Literature Across Frontiers 
and the Living Literature Festival ŠKUC in Ljubljana.  
Poetry connects people beyond their language, region, class, caste and gendered identities. I have lived this experience and this booklet is a result of one such. On behalf of Centre for Slovenian Literature (CSL), I was invited by Brane a fine poet and a dear friend to participate in the International Poetry Translation Workshop culminating in the International Poetry Festival held at Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2010. During the translation workshop, my poems in Kannada were translated into Slovenian, the host language. Locating oneself in an unknown language culture and translating in and out of it makes us sensitive to issues, subjects, sound and significance voicing in those literatures. My travel brought two poets, Brane and Veronika and two short story writers, Suzana and Andrej to India. They visited Bangalore during April 2011 and interacted with local writers, artists, activist groups, people interested in literature etc. Many individuals, institutes, organisations and translators have contributed to the happenning of these literary events. As a continuation of this, Kannada poet Arathi H.N presented her poems at the Ljubljana Poetry Festival, 2011 and brought the vouge to and end. This expedition, a search through poetry was successful in initiating us towards imbibing experiences explicit to cultures and an exchange of the same between individuals. This booklet attempts to capture the journey where poems by two Kannada poets flowed into Slovenian while poetry and short stories from Slovenia got translated into Kannada.
Agrahara Krishnamurthy, Secretary, Central Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi; Shashi Deshpande, eminent Indian writer writing in English language, Ranganath Rao senior journalist, were present @ the launch of BEYOND BARRIERS, a book by Mamta Sagar. Jayakar Jerome, Ambassador to Slovenian from India, Slovenian writers, Brane Mozetic, Suzana Tratnik, Andre Blatnik participated in the launch from Slovenia through net conferencing. Veronika Dintinjana, poet from Slovenian could not be present. Poets Arathi and Mamta with short story writers Suzana and Andrej along with the Kannada translators Dakshayini and Bhavya read from the book @ the launch. The Programme was hosted by the Central Sahitya Akademi's Regional Centre, Central College premises.
 Thanks AVADHI for covering the event......     


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