Poetry Events and Festivals in India

The versatile poet GULZAR saab about Mamta Sagar

Kolkata Literary Meet 2013

KAAVYA POORNIMA, poetry on the moonlit night

organised by Taralabalu Kendra, Bangalore. 7th April 2012 

"Motherland" Performance with artist Pushpamala.N. 25 May 2010, Samuha Artist Space, Bangalore. Published in ART India. Issue IV/Quarter IV. 2010-11. The same was performed during the India Art Summit @ "Khoj Live 12", New Delhi, blueFROG @ The Kila, Seven Style Mile, Mehrauli 4.00 - 9.30 pm on 27th January 2012

KHOJ LIVE 12 brochure

The launch of the Kannada-Slovenia 
book of poetry Beyond Barriers, 

edited by Mamta G. Sagar

With Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley in 
The Emily Dickinson Project - 2011

It was a great experience working with these artists, both from Australia. We worked on Dickinson's poem "870" in this project.

Homai Vyarawala A Retrospective, Docent by Mamta Sagar, 14th May 2011, National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore. 

Some of the events around poetry 

curated by mamta sagar

Sadhyada Padya 21st Oct 2007 @ Ranga Shankara

Naanu Mechhida Kavite, 

Nayana Sabhangana, Bangalore 2007

Poetry Workshop @ Rangashankara
Summer Express 2008

Poetry Workshop @ Deenabandhu Trust

Chamarajanagar 2008

'HOLI' a play by Chetan Datar

Assiatance to director(Script)



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