BOOKS... Poetry and Prose, Catalogues and Compilations

Poetry Collections:

"Kaada Navilina Hejje" (Footprints of The Wild Peacock) 1992
Foreword for this collection is written by the veteran poet 
Sri Gopalakrishna Adiga and the blurb is by Ki.Ram.Nagaraj, 
one of the well know critic and teacher from Kannada. 

"Nadiya Neerina Teva" (Dampness of the River) 1999

"Heege Haaleya Maile Haadu" (Like this the song) 2007

"Chukki Chukki Chandakki" (Chukki the moon) 1999
A musical play for children directed for Chinna Banna by Iqbal Ahmed. 
The book was designed by the author with her drawings in it.

"Like This On The Page The Song"
A collection of Peoms by Mamta Sagar in Kannada with 
Spanish and English translations 2008

Prose and Critical Writings:

"MahiLa Vishaya" (Women Subjects), 
A collection of essays in Kannada and English on Gender, Language, Literature and Culture 2007

"Illi Salluva Maatu" 2010, Collection of column writing

 Slovenian-Kannada Literature Interactions”
a tri-lingual book translated, edited and published by Mamta Sagar 
produced as part of the Literary event curated by her in collaboration with 
Centre for Slovenian Literature, 2011

"An Evening of Poetry"
Catalogue designed and produced as part of a multilingual poetry event 
curated in Hyderabad by Mamta Sagar in collaboration with Alliance Francaise 
Hyderabad and The Book Section of the French Embassy in India, 2007

The EVENT An Evening of POETRY in

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