Safi International Poetry Festival 17-25 March 2016

After Safi (17-19), we traveled to six other cities in Morocco. Our Poetic voyage was as follows:

 Yousoufia, March 19
 Guelmim, March 20, 21
 Ouarzazat, March 22, 23
 Marrakech, March 24
 Beni mellal, March 24
 Khnifra . March 25

We were SEVEN poets from 7 different countries. Ricardo Rubio from Argentina, Mario Bojorquez from Mexico,Muhsin Al-Ramli fromIraq, Hussein Habasch from Syria, Atef Abdel Aziz from Egypt, Hiroshi Taniuchi from Japan and myself from India. We traveled  Morocco with Mifrani Abdelhaq and our dearest host, organiser, Moroccan poet from Safi and the BIG BOSSWith us traveled Mohammed Moukhariq an English teacher from Safi who spoke Arabic and French the local languages apart from English and helped us in communicating and interacting with people and also read our poems in Arabic translation. We began with the sea, then came the desert followed by patches of plain lands and a sudden appearance of the snow mountains

Here are a few pics that makes the trip memorable!

Muhsin Al-Ramli from Iraq  

 Hussein Habasch from Syria

 Hiroshi Taniuchi from Japan

Ricardo Rubio from Argentina

 Atef Abdel Aziz from Egypt

Mario Bojorquez from Mexico

Mifrani Abdelhaq from Safi, Morocco

                                    Mohammed Moukhariq, Safi


Bengaluru to Abu Dhabi to Casablanca




Mosque Hassan in Casablanca

Safi International Poetry Festival: 

Atef Abdel Aziz from Egypt accompanied me from Casablanca to Asafi (Safi). All along the blueness of the vast Atlantic Ocean and changing colours of the evening sky, we headed towards Safi our festival destination.



With Ricardo and our Arabic translators 

 Seminar at the Safi Public Library


With Aymen one of the organisers and Assia Essabri and Dami Omer, poets from Safi 

SAFI site seeing: 

Old City of Safi, a stroll with Atef, Dami Omer and Naim Asif




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