BENGALURU POETRY FESTIVAL 2016, 6-7 August 2016 @ Leela Palace, Bengaluru

Nudi Bedagu (£ÀÄr ¨ÉqÀUÀÄ) 
The KANNADA panel curated by Mamta Sagar

Kannada Poetry Panel - Nudi Bedagu (£ÀÄr ¨ÉqÀUÀÄ) 
Curated by Mamta Sagar

Nudi Bedagu, the Kannada panel curated by poet Mamta Sagar was presented in two parts. The first part showcases an array of diversity thriving in today’s Kannada poetry. Poets here ranged from formal schools of poetry to those who made their way to the forefront by publishing through informal spaces like social media and public readings. The panel was introduced by Mamta Sagar. Participating poets were Sudha Chidananda Gowda, M.S.Rudreswaraswamy, Shammi Sanjeev, T.Yellappa, Tarini Shubhadayini, Siddartha.M and Chand Pasha.

Second part of Nudi Bedagu had "Naanu-Naanalla", a poetry performance by Mamta Sagar in collaboration with musician Vasu Dixit. This performance was an attempt to bring Music into poetry and poetry into music. 

GLIMPSES from BPF 2016:

With Vasu Dixit at a run through of 'Naanu-Naanalla' just before the performance:

Mamta Sagar performing her poem with Vasu Dixit

VASU DIXIT singing a poem by Mamta Sagar 
at a run through of 'Naanu-Naanalla' just before the performance.

NuDi BeDagu poets

Javed Akhtar and Tejan Bai @ BPF


Piyush Mishra @ BPF

Rehearsals with VASU DIXIT for Naanu-Naanalla

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