‘An Evening of Poetry’ or ‘Kaavya Sanje’, is an event curated by Kannada poet Mamta Sagar.

Editions of KAAVYA SANJE a community event curated by Mamta Sagar focuses on the intention of bringing poetry to people and engage 'people' with the addressing of social, cultural, linguistic, political, very personal, issues through poetry. Kaavya Sanje through poetry has dealt with issues associated with the weavers’ community, the city auto rickshaw drivers, gender across the race, religion, class and caste, the notion of freedom and democracy and collaborated with women’s activist groups etc. This activity has created a forum for people who love poetry and have the interest and curiosity to listen to poetry from different language cultures within India and from parts of the world. Poetry translation has been a strong component of this activity as it provides the audience with the rendition of poems in their original languages and in Kannada and English translations. KAAVYA SANJE is an attempt to look into the multifacetedness of poetry and link it with the young poets and the public. ‘Kaavya Sanje’ is open for everyone especially the lovers of poetry.

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The ELEVENTH edition in collaboration with marmara @ the Cubbon Park,  30, April 2014


‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The TENTH edition
30, March 2014

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The NINTH edition
21, February 2014

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The EIGHTH edition
29, January 2014


‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The SEVENTH edition
29, December 2013

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The SIXTH edition
Novenber 2013

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The FIFTH edition
26, October 2013

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The FOURTH edition
28, September 2013

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The THIRD edition
15, August 2013

Represented languages and poets:
The programme began with KANNADA NAADA GEETHE by Kannada poet, Ku Vem Pu

1. Senegal/Amadou Lamine Sall
2. Tibet/Tenzin Tsundu
3. Vietnam/Huu Thinth
4. Philipines/Marjorie Evasco
5. Iraq/Abdul Hadi Sadoun
6. Malavi/Frank Chipasula
7. Estonian/Doris Karaeva
8. German/Kerstin Hensel
9. Romanian/Elena Liliana
10. Japan/Yasuhiro Yotsumoto
11. Slovenia/Brane Mozetic
12. China/Xi Chuan
13. Malta/Antoine Cassar
14. Turkey/Tozan Alkan
15. Sri Lanka/Ajith Nishantha 
16. Nicaragua/Francisco Ruiz Udiel
The Programme ended with the National Anthem by Rabindranath Tagore.

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The SECOND edition
6, July 2013

‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The FIRST edition
1, June 2013


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