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November 2013

Soi Mela, Boi Mela All India Women's Literature Festival, Jamini Roy Gallery, ICCR, Kolkata.

October 2013

September 2013

27 - 29 Sept: Bangalore Literature Festival

29 Sept/BLF Day-3:

10 am- 11 am : Thoughts that Breathe, Words that Burn: A morning of poetry with Mamta Sagar, Vajpeyi, K. Satchidanandan and Nabanita Dev Sen.
4 pm to 5 pm : World in Verse: A celebration of life through Performance Poetry with Mamta Sagar, Bas Böttcher and Vibha Rani.

28 Sept: ‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The FOURTH edition

20-21 Sept: Publishing Next, Conference @ GOA.

17 Sept: Special lecture @ the Women's Studies Dept, Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Wardha

15, 16, 17 Sept 2013: Kritya International Poetry Festival, Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Wardha.

13 Sept: Celebrating stories by TejaswiChitrakala Parishat in Bangalore.

This event showcased the narrative evolved by KAAVYA SANJE group through their interaction with short stories by Poornachandra Tejaswi. It has been an experience reading these stories, re-reading them, creating and recreating further than what seems to be said.

August 2013:
15 Aug: ‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The THIRD edition.
In this edition, ‘Kaavya Sanje’ celebrated freedom through poetry. The event showcased poetry in 15 languages from different parts of the world. Poems from Vietnamese, Maltese, Slovenian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Estonian, Sinhala, Chinese and a few more language cultures presented in original and/or translation in Kannada and English. Through these readings, Kaavya Sanje highlighted concepts of freedom that spreads beyond the political realms.

July 2013:
24-25 July: SIWE, South Indian Women Writers Ensemble, Chengannur, Kerala.

6 July: ‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The SECOND edition.

The event highlighted readings by 5 teachers and a few students from selected colleges in the city. 10 popular poems used as songs for Kannada movies starting from the 60’s were the focus for the evening. Every poem selected carried name of the poet, singer, music composer, the movie in which it is used as song etc. Teachers were requested to read their selection from the 10 poems, while students read self-composed poems. 

June 2013:
1 June: ‘Kaavya Sanje’ / ‘An Evening of Poetry’ – The FIRST edition.
‘An Evening of Poetry’ or ‘Kaavya Sanje’, an event curated by Mamta Sagar and organised by Rangoli Metro Art Centre was held on 1 June 2013 between 5-6 pm at the FRIENDSHIP POINT located at the new boulevard on MG Road.

This event celebrated friendship through poetry. A selection of 25 Kannada poems around friendship and human relationships beginning from Ku Vem Pu to the contemporary poets writing today were on display at the venue. The event showcased 10 young poets reading their poems around the theme of friendship. These young poets picked a poem from the display and read it to the public after which they read their own poem. This was followed by an open mike wherein the audience could choose a poem from the display and read or sing the same at the venue. The event by the end left a bunch of poems for the public to interact with. 

This is an attempt to link poetry by established poets with the young writers and the public. ‘Kaavya Sanje’ is open for everyone especially for the lovers of poetry. 

January 2013:

24 Jan to 3 Feb: International Poetry Translation Workshop, Kolkata culminating in the Kolkata Literary Meet (31 Jan - 3 Feb)

17 Jan: National Seminar on the writings by Jnanapeetha Dr. Chandrasekhara Kambara, Centre for Kannada Studies, Bangalore University, Bangalore.

3 Jan: Kannada University, Hampi
Special lecture for Ph D students:

1 Jan: Central Sahithya Academy
Discussion: Literary Interaction on Women Characters in U.R.Ananthamurthy's novel SAMSKARA- A Lohian Reading.

December 2012:
22nd Dec: Poetry reading @ Sira Presidency Naadu Nudi Chintana 2012.

Presentation @ a Seminar organised by Women Studies Centre, Bangalore University.

8 and 9 Dec: Bangalore Literature Festival
Dec: Moderated the session, WORLD IN VERSE and presented  poems.
9 Dec: Panelist in the session, Hosa Ale: New Waves in Kannada Literature

4 Dec: UNDERSTANDING WOMEN’S WRITING IN KANNADA a presentation at the National Seminar on Women's Writing organised by Department of Women Studies in collaboration with NBT at the NBT Book Fair, Calicut.

November 2012:
24 to 25 Nov: Seminar on Womens' writing organised by the Womens's University, Bijapur.

2 to 4 Nov: Samanvay IHC Indian Languages Festival, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 
Selected as a member, advisory committee for SAMANVAY.
Presented poems in the national poet's meet, Moderated discussion on Kannada narratives with writers, Banu Mushtaq and Gopalkrishna Pai, Moderated discussion with film maker Girish Kasaravalli.

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